The SoundDock® Portable digital music system reproduces your music with fullness and clarity.
Z2 is the dock that has it all.

Zeppelin is the first integrated iPod® speaker system designed by Bowers & Wilkins

The soundbar for music lovers
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Introducing Sonos Playbar

 Sonos play 5Sonos play 3Sonos SubSonos Connect


Start with one Sonos player or Bridge connected to your router and expand wirelessly throughout your home. Add players to as many rooms as you like and control all your music from your smart phone or tablet, it´s as easy as that!

Connect existing hifi and speakers and stream all your music to each and every room in your home.

Play a different song in every room or one song throughout your home.

Simple to use, you can wirelessly manage all of your music, create playlists and individually control the volume in each room.

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Change the way you watch TV with IPTV internet streaming. Using an IPTV set top box connected to your internet you can get access to all your favourite channels without worry about loss of the satellite signal.

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Soundcast Wireless Audio Systems

Soundcast, the ultimate in wireless speaker solutions have made it easy to listen to your music any time, any place. Finally, they have created wireless audio products that really work, are easy to use, and sound amazing.   

Using technology that is interference free, SoundCast have created wireless products without buzzing, dropouts or distortion - just clear crisp sound.

Their outdoor products are weather resistant and built to last withstanding even the harshest of the elements.

Receive wireless transmissions up 100m away through walls, doors, floors, ceilings and roofs.

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